Being fully vaccinated is the new exclusive membership status and the vaccination certificate is your membership card. Change my mind.
26 August 2021
Max Savransky

We’ve seen loyalty programs gain more and more traction throughout COVID-19, because brands have had to adjust to running their operations differently and require a more structured approach to engaging with their existing customer base + acquire new customers.  

In turn, this has given rise to a brand-new coalition loyalty program called “Fully vaccinated”, which is being run by the government (albeit somewhat inefficiently). Perhaps they require our consulting services. In any case, think I’m joking? Here’s the proof.

  1. Customers join the fully vaccinated program by completing their personal details and getting the jab.
  2. Once joined, members receive access to a range of rewards through a range of coalition partners – see below.
  3. Members can then redeem those rewards by providing their vaccination certificate (i.e., member card) online, or once shops open, in person.
  4. Non-members (i.e., the unvaccinated) cannot access those rewards.

If that’s not a loyalty program, what is?

Being fully vaccinated essentially means that people are now members of an exclusive club, where they have access to benefits unvaccinated people don’t have. This is a classic airline top tier play, built on a concept called Social Identity Theory.

Furthermore, the introduction of rewards into the equation is supported by something called the Expectancy Theory of Motivation, which states that people will be motivated to behave in a certain way if they believe their efforts will move them towards a pathway to access a reward. In this case, the desired behaviour is getting the jab.

Some offers you can access through the “Fully vaccinated” program

  • Crystalbrook Collection, an independent hospitality company, is offering fully vaccinated guests a free room upgrade.
  • Luxury Escapes is offering “vaccine vouchers” worth $200 to those who log in and prove they have been fully vaccinated.
  • Luke Mangan’s Glass brasserie in Sydney‘s Hilton Hotel is offering anyone who dines there a free glass of wine (when it reopens) if they’re fully vaccinated.
  • Clubs NSW is giving away a free beer for the fully vaccinated on “freedom day” – the day NSW hits their vaccination target for reopening venues.
  • The Prince Alfred Hotel in Port Melbourne is offering a free pint of beer to fully vaccinated patrons.
  • And of course, both Qantas and Virgin are going to be launching campaigns:
    • Qantas will soon go live with a new incentive program to reward fully vaccinated Frequent Flyers with discounts, bonus points, and 10 ‘mega prizes’ such as unlimited travel for a year.
    • Virgin Australia will soon be launching its “VA-X & Win” competition, to help boost vaccination rates.

Of course, there are also soft benefits, such as today’s announcement of the relaxing of restrictions for those who are fully vaccinated. Those people will soon be able to gather outside in larger groups.  

One might argue that the government has nothing to do with these coalition partners, because the fact is, every one of those businesses has a highly vested interest in Australia re-opening and people going about their daily lives.

But what if the government is, in fact, working behind the scenes to secure offers from major brands? One thing we know for certain is that everyone loves a good deal.

Opportunities for new offers

What’s out there currently is good, but not great. To truly speed up the vaccination process, we need everyday spend categories to really drive vaccine adoption.

For instance, how good would it be to see Flybuys and Everyday Rewards providing bonus points on supermarket purchases, or free products to the fully vaccinated? If that doesn’t get us to 80% by the end of September, I don’t know what will.

How about a new selection of Dan Murphy’s fully vaccinated member offers? I’d certainly engage with that.

What if Mecca Beauty Loop only provided in-store make-up sessions to fully vaccinated members?

Or McDonald’s Australia could create a special two for one burger deal for fully vaccinated members.

I could go on, but you get the gist.

This may very well be a short-term thing…..

….except we’re already being warned about new COVID-19 variants for 2022 and beyond. That means boosters. So, there will likely be further opportunities to access rewards, from (hopefully) an ever growing set of coalition partners.

What these coalition partners are essentially doing (at the behest of the government or not) is truly effecting behavioural change, which is really what loyalty programs are all about.

I’m sure that SAAS platforms (think loyalty, martech, etc), are probably scrambling right now to add the “fully vaccinated” data point as a customer attribute. Think of all the campaigns you could run!

And so this writer, who is getting his second jab in two days’ time, is really looking forward to joining the “Fully vaccinated” program and enjoying its current and future myriad of benefits.

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Max Savransky

Max is the Chief Operating Officer at Loyalty & Reward Co, the leading loyalty consulting firm. Loyalty & Reward Co design, implement, and operate the world’s best loyalty programs for the world’s best brands. Max has consulted on 40+ projects and has previously held roles at Mastercard Loyalty, Pureprofile and HOYTS. Max leads the implementation and operations business functions, specialising in all aspects of loyalty consulting and program management.

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