How games can boost your loyalty program
3 July 2023
David Schneider
Games and gamification

Effective loyalty programs leverage gamification and games

As loyalty consultants, we know most modern and successful loyalty programs incorporate both gamification and games to drive deeper member engagement as part of their overall program design.

Gamification is the use of elements of gameplay in non-game contexts to stimulate specific behaviours. Loyalty programs are often described as gamification programs that motivate members to complete specific tasks in non-game contexts.

Many brands manage to incorporate gamification elements into their loyalty programs successfully. Some noteworthy examples include Timezone, BONEO by VW Group and Sleep Number’s InnerCircle Rewards. Most reputable loyalty platforms often incorporate gamification elements in their product suite.

Games themselves can be a useful tool for loyalty programs to leverage. Games can entertain members and serve as a pathway towards a reward. Members can receive invitations to play a physical or digital game, enjoy the experience, and unlock a prize reinforcing the positive experience. Some companies choose to develop their own games. Some notable examples include Boost Juice and Dior who have successfully embraced games as promotional channels.

However, if developing your own game is not practical there are platforms that specialise in games as a standalone offering. These platforms can integrate neatly within an existing loyalty program design, engagement, or retention strategy when it makes sense.

The GameZBoost gaming platform

GameZBoost is a white label casual gaming platform developed in South Africa. Established in 2007, the platform hosts a catalogue of over 70 premium single and multiplayer games. The games catalogue titles have been selected with an emphasis on quality over quantity.

Games and gamification

The platform environment is highly engaging and interactive. Some impressive brands have used it including RTL Group, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Burger King New Zealand.

The white label, API driven platform allows brands to deploy their own branded site or to a native app tapping into the games catalogue and rewards store.

What’s the loyalty link?

Companies who use the GameZBoost platform can configure access based on their own strategy. There are 4 streams that can be made available for members (if you want to check out a demo you can visit Skillpod to see this in action).

Loyalty currencies

Coins: Members of the program can buy a digital Coin currency. Coins can then be used to play games, enter tournaments or setup player challenges. Members can redeem coins for rewards in the form of vouchers in the rewards store.

reward store

Pods: This option awards members a set amount of the Pods virtual currency. Additional Pods are awarded in a daily game. Members can also earn Pods by completing game quests. Pods cannot be exchanged for rewards. They can be used to participate in Free2Play tournaments, access certain games, and set up PvP challenges.

Daily reward

Subscription: Members who are part of a subscription program (think telcos) may be given access to all games, game days and tournaments as part of their subscription.

Player XP (Experience): Player XP is the loyalty component of the games platform. Players unlock XP by completing site tasks, game quests, participating in PvP challenges and tournaments. Players can redeem Player XP for rewards in the rewards store.

A case study: South African Super App

MoyaApp is a South African centric super app developed by Datafree Technologies Pty Ltd. MoyaApp boasts around 6.5 million South African users. A large percentage of users fall into lower socioeconomic brackets with limited mobile and data access. The app focuses on providing users with a range of features and functions without using mobile data. Users can access chat, news, make and receive payments and play games all without eating into mobile data balances.


MoyaApp is beta testing the GameZBoost platform to drive engagement. There are already some impressive initial results with engagement rates of 78% with their branded tournaments and click-through rates of 18% with their advertising campaigns. No results were shared around currency earn or voucher redemption unfortunately.

Engagement results

MoyaApp does not have a dedicated loyalty program.The GameZBoost platform could serve as an effective tool in driving desirable behaviours from the user base allowing them to earn rewards for those behaviours. It will be interesting to see how this performs when it fully launches.

Final thoughts

The GameZBoost platform looks to be a fast and effective way to incorporate gaming into a loyalty and engagement strategy without having to invest in game development. Additional benefits are the in-built currencies and rewards store. The gaming platform could serve as a great supporting feature or add-on to a more comprehensive loyalty program design.

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David Schneider

David is a Loyalty Director at Loyalty & Reward Co, the leading loyalty consulting firm. Loyalty & Reward Co design, implement, and operate award-winning loyalty programs for global brands. David has worked in global advertising and media roles for over seventeen years with a focus on CX. He has delivered award-winning work for  brands such as BMW of North America, Toyota Motor Corporation Australia, Anytime Fitness, Suncorp and GSK. David applies his skills across all aspects of the business, including loyalty program design, strategy development, customer experience, lifecycle management and the effective collection and use of data.

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