Webinar: Unveiling Loyalty Programs – The Complete Guide Edition 2
11 October 2023
Scott Harrison

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Loyalty programs, when designed and optimised for success, can work to generate increased acquisition, spend, retention, advocacy and data collection. For this reason, they will continue to attract large amounts of investment and innovation globally to increase their impact and cost-effectiveness. 

Our CEO and founder, Philip Shelper, presents the 2nd Edition of his book ‘Loyalty Programs: The Complete Guide‘, providing an update on new content, case studies and trends published within the 2nd edition, and provide his global view on what it takes to make a loyalty program succeed. 

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The webinar continues with an expert panel discussion on ‘how to optimise your loyalty program for success’ drawing on insights from the book and our panellists’ stellar loyalty careers. The expert panellists include: 

  • Philip Shelper – CEO, Loyalty & Reward Co 
  • Marianne Mewett – CXO, Australian Venue Co 
  • Adam Schwab – Co-Founder and CEO, Luxury Escapes 
  • Lincoln Hunter – Principal, Loyalty Legal (contributed legal chapter to Loyalty Programs: The Complete Guide 2nd Edition) 

Discussion topics

The panel discusses topics related to loyalty programs such as: 

  • Design fundamentals 
  • Psychology 
  • Rewards 
  • Data 
  • Commercials 
  • Omnichannel personalisation 
  • Technology and innovations 
  • Emerging challenges 

Loyalty Questions & Answers

The session included a Q&A to the floor. Questions that were answered include:

  • How should brands manage new customer acquisition with great offers, while still looking after their existing customers and not alienating them?
  • What are the opportunities and pitfalls? Where to get product and legal help?
  • Why is the subscription model not as prevalent as a premium offering by other verticals with established free loyalty programs?
  • Gamification is flagged as a key loyalty trend, who is doing it well?
  • Which loyalty programs do you think are best at encouraging future purchases as opposed to just rewarding past behaviour?

<a href="https://loyaltyrewardco.com/author/scott/" target="_self">Scott Harrison</a>

Scott Harrison

Based in New York, Scott Harrison is a Principal Consultant at Loyalty & Reward Co, the leading loyalty consulting firm. Loyalty & Reward Co design, implement, and operate loyalty programs for global brands. Scott is a customer experience and digital marketing specialist with extensive experience in loyalty, CX, member engagement and lifecycle marketing. He has worked with world leading brands including Australian Venue Co, McDonald’s, Schneider Electric, UEFA and Visa. Scott co-created the book Loyalty Programs: The Complete Guide, the most comprehensive book on loyalty program theory and practice available. He also regularly writes and presents on loyalty, gamification and the application of Web3 on engagement.

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