Barefaced’s No Sun Club: Inside the gamified skincare adventure
23 January 2024
Vincent Ward

Barefaced is a skincare brand known for its clinically proven skincare formulas developed by expert nurse practitioner, Jordan Harper. The brand offers a wide range of cruelty-free products for various skin types and concerns. Founded on the principles of nurturing healthy skin, Barefaced also emphasises environmental responsibility, using recyclable and biodegradable packaging, and offering refill pouches made from compostable materials. Their commitment extends to creating products free from synthetic preservatives, parabens, alcohol, and toxic chemicals, aligning with their ethos of providing high-quality, sustainable skincare solutions.

In November 2023, Barefaced introduced its new & improved loyalty program, the No Sun Club to its customers. This program powered by Flaunt, aims to deepen customer engagement and offer a more interactive and rewarding experience.

Joining the No Sun Club

Joining is a streamlined process that doesn’t take much time. If you already have a Barefaced account, you can easily opt-in to access both the shop and No Sun Club with the same account. For new users, creating a new account grants access to both the online shop and No Sun Club.

Upon joining, members are welcomed with their first collectible – The No Sun Club Membership pass. It unlocks additional benefits and status within No Sun Club. These collectibles are unique to the No Sun Club, being tradable and, in some cases, limited in supply.

When members log into their account, they have the convenience of finding all earned rewards under the “Rewards” tab, and these rewards are prominently displayed throughout the shopping experience for easy application to orders. Furthermore, the program acknowledges and values long-term members. For example, in a recent update, existing points were honoured, and members were granted a one-time use code corresponding to the value of their accumulated points.

Member Benefits

Joining No Sun Club is a journey into a world of exclusive rewards, challenges, tiers, and collectibles. Let’s dive into what makes the member benefits a standout choice for skincare enthusiasts.

Tiers: As members collect points they progress through the four tiers, they unlock a series of rewards. Each tier is designed to offer more exclusive benefits, and this creates a sense of belonging and sense of exclusivity. As loyalty experts, we know this sense of belonging stimulates a higher level of customer satisfaction and strengthens the members connection with the brand.

Challenges: There are exciting challenges that encourage active participation in the program. Completing these challenges not only provides a sense of accomplishment, but also earns members points and exclusive rewards. As a result, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation every step of the way.

Collectibles: The No Sun Club has introduced tradable collectibles. These aren’t just any collectibles; they’re a mix of rarity and exclusivity, representing different facets of the Barefaced brand. These collectibles can be traded, providing a dynamic and interactive element to the program.

Experiential Rewards: Beyond traditional points and discounts, the No Sun Club immerses its members in a community of like-minded skincare enthusiasts. Members can connect, learn, and share their skincare experiences, creating a vibrant community driven by a shared passion for healthy skin.

The role of Flaunt

Flaunt, an enterprise loyalty management platform, was co-founded by Connor Kelley, Chris Miller, and Zach Schmid. This founding team brings together a blend of expertise in leadership, revenue generation, and technology, driving Flaunt’s mission to create and manage engaging, user-friendly loyalty experiences for brands.

Flaunt, known for powering compelling loyalty experiences for brands, enables deep social integrations, brand storytelling, and gamification within the No Sun Club. Flaunt’s platform is instrumental in keeping members engaged and driving more profitable revenue for Barefaced. This collaboration highlights Flaunt’s capability to enhance loyalty programs through innovative strategies and technology.

The No Sun Club, with its focus on participation, community, and seamless integration with Barefaced’s Shopify site, exemplifies how innovative platforms like Flaunt can revolutionise loyalty programs, enhancing both customer engagement and business growth.

Last thoughts

Barefaced’s No Sun Club is a groundbreaking loyalty program in the e-commerce space, revolutionising how customers engage with the brand. Its success can be significantly attributed to Flaunt’s innovative platform. Flaunt’s advanced technology has enabled No Sun Club to offer a unique, engaging, and rewarding experience for its members. This collaboration has not only enhanced customer loyalty for Barefaced but also set a new standard for loyalty programs in the e-commerce and skincare sectors, demonstrating the potential of technology-driven, customer-centric loyalty solutions.

Whether you’re a skincare novice or a seasoned enthusiast, the No Sun Club promises an enriching experience with every interaction.

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