Dressing Down ‘Cheeky Rewards’ by Bras N Things
31 May 2023
Riley Cook

In the world of lingerie, finding the perfect fit and style can be an exhausting experience. However, what could make it more enticing is a loyalty program that rewards you for indulging in your intimate desires. Bras N Things, a renowned lingerie retailer, understands the value of building strong customer relationships and has crafted a loyalty program called ‘Cheeky Rewards.’ In this blog, we will delve into the various aspects of this program, including how members earn and redeem rewards, and explore how it aligns with key principles of loyalty psychology.

Earning Cheeky Rewards

The Cheeky Rewards program offers members the opportunity to earn vouchers based on their spend. The program is classified as a traditional ‘Spend and Save’. For every $100 a member spends, they receive a $5 voucher. The program’s user experience is very clear for the member online, even having a digital tracker so that members can see how much they must spend to receive their next voucher.

Levels and Perks

Cheeky Rewards also employs a tiered structure, allowing members to progress through different levels based on their spend. Each tier offers a unique set of benefits, including early access to new collections, an increased birthday reward, free shipping, and exclusive promotions. This tiered system appeals to customers’ desire for status and recognition, playing on the psychological principle of social identity theory. As customers ascend to higher levels, they feel a sense of accomplishment and belonging, fostering a stronger bond with the brand.

Personalised Experiences

Bras N Things understands that personalisation is key to establishing a strong emotional connection with customers. While the Cheeky Rewards program doesn’t necessarily tailor its offerings to each member’s preferences and past purchases, the member account does have areas for members to personalise their own experience. Members can input their sizes if known and even take an online quiz if they wish to find out.

Community and Engagement

Successful loyalty programs go beyond transactional benefits and foster a sense of community. Cheeky Rewards accomplishes this by creating a space for members to engage with one another and the brand. Exclusive events, early access to sales, and the opportunity to share experiences on social media platforms strengthen the bond between customers and the brand.

So how cheeky are the rewards?

Bras N Things’ ‘Cheeky Rewards’ loyalty program combines the allure of lingerie with the excitement of earning and redeeming rewards. By leveraging key principles of loyalty psychology, the program successfully engages customers, encourages repeat purchases, and fosters a strong emotional connection. Through a tiered system, personalised experiences, and a sense of community, Cheeky Rewards provides a solid program to its members. However, there are some areas of concern.

The first is, are the rewards the program is providing valuable enough? A 5% return is pretty commonplace for retail programs, so is $5 enough to encourage members to return? I know personally a $5 voucher is nice to have but it isn’t enough to encourage me to purchase more, especially on products that can cost over $100.

The second concern is the disconnect between online and in-store. To succeed a loyalty program needs to have an omnichannel experience. The online user experience, as previously stated, is incredibly easy and friendly. However, this isn’t necessarily seen in store. All vouchers must be accessed prior to purchasing and must be presented by the member. A better experience would have staff noticing that the member has vouchers available and asking the member if they wish to apply their vouchers to their current transaction.

Overall, the Cheeky Rewards program is good. I personally hope to see more personalisation elements and a better omnichannel experience. I am excited to see where this program goes in the future. So, if you’re looking to add a touch of cheekiness to your lingerie collection, Bras N Things’ Cheeky Rewards program awaits with open arms, ready to reward and indulge you in a world of intimate luxury.

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Riley Cook

Riley is a Strategy Consultant at Loyalty & Reward Co, the leading loyalty consulting firm. Loyalty & Reward Co design, implement, and operate the world’s best loyalty programs for the world’s best brands. Riley has previously worked in marketing and graphic design roles across various industries including not-for-profit, events and education. Riley applies her skills across all aspects of the business, including loyalty program design, data collection and analysis, loyalty strategy and customer experience development.

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