Design and implementation of points program over 1,000 retail outlets across USA and LATAM

Founded in 1989, EZCORP are a major short-term loan provider with 1,000 retail outlets across the US & five countries in LATAM. EZCORP aim to address the short-term case needs of consumers who are both cash and credit constrained by providing more convenient options.


EZCORP identified that 80% of transactions are made by repeat customers. Many of these customers voiced their expectation to be recognised and rewarded for their continued loyalty.

Because of this, EZCORP identified the opportunity to introduce a loyalty program that would satisfy and provide value to their repeat customers.



Loyalty & Reward Co were engaged to lead the design of a new loyalty program for EZCORP.

After conducting a review of the needs and core objectives of the business, Loyalty & Reward Co ran design workshops to create the program framework.

This was presented to key stakeholders across the business and further refined. A commercial model, detailed business and technical requirements, and a lifecycle marketing strategy were created to support the project. An RFP process was ran to select a platform vendor.

The final design was a points-based program which rewarded members for transactions and gamification behaviour. As part o the project implementation, a new marketing platform was implemented.



Since launching in November 2021, EZCORP have signed one million members.

The program has increased the amount of data collected, allowing for improved member communications via personalisation, and an increase in repeat transaction behaviour.


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