Good Pair Days’ loyalty program is ageing like fine wine
22 May 2024
Emma Inglis

Good Pair Days is Australia’s fastest growing wine subscription business. This innovative start-up offers wine tailored to individuals’ taste preferences, paired with recipes that complement each bottle of wine. They offer monthly subscription orders and one-off orders for consumers in Australia and the UK.

Good Pair Days operate a points-based loyalty program which is highly gamified and hyper-personalised to their member’s tastes and preferences.

How it all began…

This business idea originated when Tom, one of the co-founders, was studying in France and was surrounded by people who had strong knowledge of wine. Conversations often revolved around grape varieties, wine types from different regions, and which bottles paired best with specific food. Tom realised his own wine knowledge was limited and believed that many Australians faced a similar lack of understanding.  

The retail wine experience can be confusing and intimidating with thousands of bottles available at varying prices, different grape variations and no indication of quality. Additionally, sales staff are often busy or inexperienced, making it difficult to receive personalised recommendations. Tom identified a gap in the market to simplify the process of understanding which wines to enjoy and what foods they pair best with.

How to join

Creating an account is simple and free; it requests first/last name, email, and a password.

Members receive 10 points just for creating an account. This taps into the endowed progress effect, where members are motivated to complete their journey once they’ve already made progress towards a goal and are closer to claiming a reward.

Fun palate quiz to personalise wine recommendations

After creating an account, members are encouraged to take a fun palate quiz to discover their wine preferences. It includes interesting questions such as what their favourite chocolate flavour is to what cocktails do they enjoy after work. It also collects information regarding preferred price range and wine type (red, white or rose).

After completing the 2-minute quiz, the AI algorithm recommends three bottles of wine, based on the member’s taste preferences. These bottles are automatically added to the member’s monthly box, which requires a minimum of 3 bottles. Members have the option to edit the bottles or add more bottles to their box. Each recommended bottle of wine includes a % preference match, stimulating the member’s curiosity to try the suggested wines. Additionally, members earn another 5 points for completing the palate quiz.

Welcome gift worth $200!

New members receive a welcome gift worth $200 for their first box! This includes a cheeseboard esky, two outdoor wine tumblers and one insulated wine bottle. These gifts are complimentary to the brand and include the Good Pair Days logo which ensures the brand is top of mind when customers are using these products. This is extremely good value considering the minimum spend for a box of wine is $32. This welcome gift is an excellent tactic to acquire new members to try the wine and potentially subscribe to monthly boxes.

After ordering the first box, members are billed every month, unless they pause or cancel their subscription. They can choose when their billing day is, and their box is dispatched the following day. Alternatively, members can choose to order an individual box and pay at check-out.

How to earn points

There are numerous ways to earn points that are both transactional and non-transactional. They include:

  • Rating each bottle of wine
  • Following the Good Pair Days social media accounts
  • Reaching the 3rd, 6th, and 12th box
  • Ordering 6 bottles or more
  • Participating in challenges
  • Exploring new varieties of bottles
  • Downloading the app
  • Sending a gift
  • Creating a wish list and favourites list

Points don’t expire

The points earned in the Good Pair Days loyalty program is based on lifetime spend, rather than quarterly or yearly as seen in many other programs. This ensure that members never lose the progress they have made towards a tier, and they don’t get downgraded once they reach a tier.


There are four tiers, each unlocking benefits. The points for rating wine bottles increases with the level.

  • Tier 1: earn 10-15 points per bottle rated, and receive up to 8% value back for every $ spent
  • Tier 2: earn 20-25 points per bottle rated, and receive up to 14% value back for every $ spent
  • Tier 3: earn 30-35 points per bottle rated, and receive up to 18% value back for every $ spent
  • Tier 4: earn 40 points per bottle rated, and receive up to 20% value back for every $ spent


Within the tiers, there are 10 levels to reach, each unlocking benefits and a badge. Instead of granting members numerous benefits upon reaching a tier, the loyalty program offers levels to maintain member engagement and interest. Given the potentially lengthy time to reach the next tier, these levels act as smaller stepping stones to reach the next tier.

The level progression is structured as follows:

  • Level 1 and 2 constitute tier 1
  • Level 3 and 4 constitute tier 2
  • Level 5 and 6 constitute tier 3
  • Level 7-10 constitute tier 4

For example, the first 2 levels are:

Level 1: Wine Wanderer – members earn 10 points for every bottle of wine, gain access to the Wine 101 course, and receive free shipping Australia-wide.

Level 2: Wine Scout – members earn 15 points per bottle rated and receive a 10% top up discount on 6 or 12 bottle re-orders of their favourite wines.

The member’s progress to reach each level is visually illustrated on the map below.

The member account clearly illustrates the points balance and a progress tracker, highlighting the progress made towards the completion of reaching the next level. The progress tracker creates a sense of momentum and the perception of faster progress, which motivates members to continue making progress towards their goals.


Members can earn bonus points by obtaining two types of badges – wine exploration badges and special badges.

Wine exploration badges

These badges encourage members to try different types of wine they wouldn’t typically buy. They are earned by purchasing wine from a specific country, grape type, production method or region. They are listed below:

  • Passport badges: members collect stamps from each country when they have tried a wine from that country. This feature also recommends wines that are linked to that badge, including wines already purchased associated with that badge.
  • Region badges: members earn badges when they try a wine from that region e.g Lord Howe Island
  • Production method: e.g collect badges from Amphora Aged to Zero Dosage
  • Grape type badges: e.g Grenache Blanc Blend

These Wine Exploration badges align with their Loyalty program strategy as they aim to educate members on how wine is made and where it comes from.

Special badges

Special Badges are earned by meeting a specific criteria. Examples include:

  • Fancy Bottle Bonus – earn 100 bonus points for every bottle purchased that costs $50 or more
  • Corporate Gifter – earn 1000 bonus points if the member or the member’s company makes a corporate gift order
  • Monthly Golden Ticket Winner – 10,000 points is won every month by a lucky winner if their box is randomly selected for the golden ticket prize


There are a range of challenges members can participate in to earn additional points.

Examples include:

  • Heroes of the old world wine: try wines from 11 of the most famous Australian wine regions
  • Sake Smarty Pants: try 3 different bottles of sake and complete the Sake bonus chapter in the Wine 101 e-course
  • The Famous Five – White Grape Types: try 5 of the most famous white wine grapes


Points can be redeemed from the rewards store which offers a range of products complementing the brand. Rewards include corkscrews, tote bags, picnic mats, bucket hats, beach bags, wine glasses, wine decanters, apparel and more. Members cannot purchase these products with cash; they are only redeemable via points.

Is the program good?

This loyalty program has an amazing hyper-personalised consumer experience. In today’s competitive market, consumers are seeking more than just products or services – they crave a holistic consumer experience that resonates with their preferences and values. Good Pair Days tailors wine recommendations to match the member’s palate, creating a sense of relevance and curiosity. Members also have the option to share which types of wine the AI algorithm should avoid suggesting them.

Moreover, the loyalty program is highly gamified and fun. The incorporation of gamification elements such as points, badges and challenges add an engaging and interactive layer to the member’s journey, making it interactive and rewarding. These features not only entertain members but also serve to educate them about wine, encouraging exploration of different types they wouldn’t typically choose.

Good Pair Days exceeds consumer expectations delivering a personalised experience which fosters a deeper connection with the brand. This program isn’t just about loyalty; it’s about uncorking new adventures and sipping in style.

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